When To Consult HR Consultants: Checklist For Startups

September 25, 2019

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SeekWiser brings you the checklist for startups on when to consult HR consultants in India for the HR needs of a startup.


Gaurav Singh

Consultant, Gurgaon

When To Consult HR Consultants: Checklist For Startups


A successful startup is built on a strong foundation - a good team, with a talented workforce and dedicated employees. However, during its early stages, a startup may not be able to afford a full-time in-house HR team that can help it in onboarding the right individuals and take care of the Human Resource-related matters of the business. Sometimes, entrepreneurs are able to realise the importance of consulting HR consultants during the initial stages of the business, however, there are times when startup founders get confused about the right time to approach an external HR consultant. 

SeekWiser brings you the ultimate checklist on when to consult HR consultants in India for a startup’s hiring needs.

Need For HR Consultant

HR Consultants are Human Resource experts who can evaluate the needs of a startup and suggest the right approach to dealing with issues relating to:

  1. Developing HR policies and procedures

  2. Recruiting new talent

  3. Training and development of new recruits

  4. Compliance with statutory and regulatory HR requirement

  5. Dealing with internal conflicts

External HR Consultants enable startups in dealing with internal management when they are running on a tight budget and cannot spend on having an in-house HR executive. When a business is growing and has a small strength, it focuses more on hiring for business development, product development, marketing, etc. instead of an HR team.

Nonetheless, startups may face internal conflicts, require HR policies, need to hire more employees, and train and sensitise the existing ones. Outside HR Consultants provide the appropriate solutions to startups for dealing with these requirements without the need for the business to hire a permanent HR expert.

When It Is The Right Time To Consult HR Consultants?

The right time for a startup to approach an HR consultant in India depends on several factors. However, there are certain common situations that indicate that a startup needs the help of an HR consultant. 

The Startup Has A Handful Of Employees

A startup may take an extra couple of months to grow, but startup growth is inevitable if things are done the right way! However, business growth can overwhelm a startup’s employees if only a few are responsible for its growth. A startup with only 5-8 employees cannot handle the pressure of escalation and may succumb to pressure. 

When a startup finds itself expanding, it is the right time to approach an HR consultant to hire more workforce to share the workload of the existing employees and multiply the efforts required to achieve the business goals.

An HR Consultant will guide the startup to finding the right fits of the organisation by channels such as hiring drives, marketing, participation in events, headhunters, etc.

The Startup Is Overstaffed

It is essential to create a strong hierarchy in the business and have a good number of employees in each department to share the load. However, many times, startups end up overhiring right after they receive a big funding and overstaffing departments that may only require a handful of employees.

Overhiring not only bleeds a startup dry of its funds but also causes red-tapism within the organisation. This can lead to the startup running out of funds sooner than expected and waste of time and resources to complete even the mundane internal tasks. 

HR consultants can help startups in figuring out the right number of employees required in its different departments, screening employees, interviews, and decluttering the company. 

The Startups Lacks Training Skills

It is fairly easy to hire new employees, but it can be challenging to introduce them to their new roles and train them. When the startup is unable to make the employees feel welcome, the employees cannot synergise their individual goals with the business goals. 

Additionally, the employees may not be able to take up their roles efficiently in the company and deliver the results expected from them. 

Communicating the duties, responsibilities, work ethics and code of conduct is important right from the moment the employees become a part of the startup.

HR consultants can provide startups with the right methods of employee training and skill development, sensitising employees to the workplace, team-building exercises, etc.

The Startup Is Hiring In Bulk

Once the startup starts expanding, it requires a large number of skilled employees, quickly. Bulk hiring can be cumbersome for a small startup which does not have an internal HR team. 

Putting out job ads, sorting applications, screening, interviewing, and making offers can prove to be hectic and an HR Consultant can assist the startup in laying down the best strategy to achieve these tasks easily.

Consulting An HR Consultant

If a startup falls under any of the situations mentioned above, it is the right time for it to consult a good HR consultant. An HR consultant can not only suggest the right recruiting, retaining and training strategy to the startup but also help the company with its HR policies and compliance requirements. 

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