What Makes A Perfect Startup Team | Startup Team Structure

August 17, 2019

5 min read

Read our tips on how to create a perfect startup founding team that can help in building a strong startup foundation and accelerating business growth.


Kapil Goel

Consultant, Gurgaon

What Makes A Perfect Startup Team | Startup Team Structure


Every startup team structure comprises of the ‘hustler, visionary and tech lead’- the Holy Trinity of a startup founding team! A company thrives or withers because of the people behind it, and every startup needs a strong workforce working ceaselessly to make it successful. A strong team is considered as the key to survival and ultimate growth of the business.

Starting a new business can give its founders restless nights and anxiety over the smallest decisions, and one such tough decision is building a strong startup team for the business. Turning a small business into a vast empire is not a one-person job and needs a support team who can work side by side with the founders and help in achieving the business goals. A good team is like the building block on which the entire business leans and a bad or weak team is like a wobbly surface with disaster waiting to happen.

There is no shortcut or formula in finding the right people for a business. Every business needs a unique set of individuals, but certain rules can be followed to have a perfect team for your startup. Here are some tips on how to create a perfect startup founding team that can help in building a strong startup foundation and accelerating business growth:

  1. Have a Defined Startup Team Structure: The first and foremost thing to do when building a startup team is to lay down the exact startup team structure needed at the initial stage. You do not want to end up with too many individuals in one department or a multi-level hierarchy in another. Not having a defined structure of the startup team can lead to red-tapism in the startup and slow the movement of a simple decision from one employee to another. The team structure should be precise and have only a handful of people in the beginning who can do the groundwork for the next generation of employees.

  2. Synergy to Achieve Collective Goals: The startup team must work in a synergised way and move together to achieve the common goal, i.e. to make the startup a success. To do this, it is essential to have people who understand your vision and the driving principles of the startup. Having people only with passion or only principles can create a team with just hustlers or just visionaries. Remember, every startup needs the Holy Trinity and it can be possible only if everyone understands their role and work collectively. A balance needs to be struck while choosing the startup teammates and individual talents must be recognised to know which people would be the right individual to do a job.

  3. Dual-Channel of Communication: A good startup team structure is the one where feedback flows from both sides. The people in the managerial position must be able to give constructive feedback to the employees that ensure a boost in performance and morale. Additionally, the management team must also be open to receiving feedback from the employees and understand what can be improved to help employees in boosting their performance. Constructive feedback can help resolve the majority of issues faced by employees in understanding the vision of employers, and by employers in decoding the problems faced by employees.

  4. Team Building: Retaining the workforce you have is essential to build a startup team from a bunch of 10-15 people to a team of 50-100 people. Team building activities, having empathy with employee’s concerns, respecting them, offering incentives and perks, giving them an open environment with humour and fun activities can motivate employees in staying in a company. Another way of team building is to lay down the code of conduct that must be adhered to by every team member. If the employees know what rules to follow, what benefits they have in the company, and what are the repercussions of violating this code, they will function as a team in the truest sense.

  5. Finding the Right People: Search the right individual for the job may seem a difficult task, but it is easier than it sounds. Being part of a network with experienced professionals can accomplish half of this task. The next step is to assign the right person to the right job. When the startup team structure is decided, you can seek help from the best HR consultants or hiring experts to find the right individuals for you. Having someone on your team who holds expertise in their craft can solve a majority of issues startups face while establishing themselves.

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