SeekWiser Launches Brand-New Website For Startup Consultation

August 19, 2019

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SeekWiser has launched a new website that makes it easier to find the best business consultants in India and get business advice from top startup consultants.


Seekwiser Team

Consultant, Gurgaon

SeekWiser Launches Brand-New Website For Startup Consultation

We, at SeekWiser, are delighted to announce the launch of our new website that makes it easier for startups to navigate through the profiles of experienced professionals and connect with the right business consultants.

The new platform has a clean layout, natural navigation structure and user-friendly interface with seamless navigation on both the desktop as well as the mobile version. Users can learn about various domain-expert consultants, peruse through the ratings and reviews given by previous users, read comprehensive startup blogs and guides on startups, finance, taxation, entrepreneurship and much more, and get more insight on SeekWiser does.

The primary goal of our new platform is to act as a user-centric and valuable resource available at the fingertips of the users to learn about the way SeekWiser facilitates technical solutions and industry-specific business consultation services.

While highlighting the importance of having a digital presence, Ashish Gupta, Co-Founder of SeekWiser, said, “the new website is an outcome of our hard work and love towards the work we do. Our platform is a part of our marketing strategy and for making it easier for users to know us and connect with a network of business consultants with ease. Our curated startup blogs and news will simplify the startup jargon for our users.”

The biggest challenge that young startups and first-time entrepreneurs face is finding the right consultants for their requirements, be it in the field of technology, marketing, business development, human resources, or legal assistance. Startups end up either paying an exorbitant amount on consulting a good consultant or avoid opting for consultancy services due to the fear of spilling over their tight budget.

NASSCOM reported that around 1200 startups were formed in India in 2018, adding to the existing 6000 startups. IBM reports also indicate that more than 90% of startups fail within the first five years. One of the primary reasons for the failure of startups in India is the lack of proper business guidance and mentorship.

SeekWiser identifies with the pain-points of a startup and the difficulties that new entrepreneurs face while building a business from scratch. Our business model aims to standardise the way startups find and consult, to make the whole process as easy as calling your friends for advice.

Commenting on the quality of the platform, SeekWiser’s Co-Founder, Anurag Kumar stated, “We worked rigorously on creating a platform for our users which provides them with everything- state-of-the-art technology, educational resources, and prompt services. Our new website has helped us in turning our vision into reality. Soon, the platform will launch its one-of-a-kind IVR feature for consultation through voice chat & video. ” 

SeekWiser aims to become India’s leading on-demand consultancy marketplace, where startups and small businesses can talk with consultants from different fields over a phone call. Soon, the platform will launch its one-of-a-kind IVR feature, consultation through chat & video which will enable users to talk to the consultant of their choice any day, any time. 

What SeekWiser Does

SeekWiser is a technology-driven business consultancy hub which connects startups and entrepreneurs with the consultants of their choice. The platform makes it easier for startup businesses in finding the right guidance for their problems and seeking advice from experienced professionals across India and abroad. SeekWiser leverages technology and nature learning processes to connect its users with relevant and domain specialist business consultants.

SeekWiser has connections with business professionals from assorted domains all across the world and envisions to streamline the entire cycle of consultation and make it simpler for startups to seek the right solution, guidance and approach from an experienced professional without feeling the burden of costs.

SeekWiser's startup consultants can be easily reached at +91-8010880066 or via an email at [email protected]