SeekWiser Launches Revolutionary IVR System | How To Call SeekWiser

November 28, 2019

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SeekWiser has launched its IVR system that enables users to connect with the best business consultants in India in seconds.


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SeekWiser Launches Revolutionary IVR System | How To Call SeekWiser

Businesses are required continuously to make hard decisions that need dexterity and precise understanding of different business domains. While keeping the costs a priority, companies want the best options that help them grow and achieve their goals in the most efficient manner. These options may include hiring the right talent, finding financial support, or finding the solutions that help them manage their internal and external activities.

In the current gig economy, businesses prefer to hire virtual employees rather than hosting a full office, and this includes reaching out to business experts who can provide the right guidance and suggest the methodologies to achieve their goals. 

By 2025, the worldwide consulting services marketplace is estimated to reach USD 343.52 Billion. Still, when it comes to finding the right professionals for business advice, 70% of businesses find themselves exhausting their options without results, a whopping 90% shutting shop due to lack of correct guidance and around 60% spending an excessive amount of time and money in finding the right people. An unorganised and over-priced industry adds to the distress of businesses. It makes it difficult for business owners and new/first-time entrepreneurs to find someone who can add to their skills and knowledge, and suggest the right approach to deal with the numerous difficulties that may arise in making a business successful.

How SeekWiser Helps

SeekWiser is an Artificial Intelligence-driven platform that makes it easier for businesses, entrepreneurs and new business owners in finding the right business consultants for their business requirements. SeekWiser has an extensive network of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Lawyers who can help businesses in finding the best solutions for their legal, taxation, financial, and accounting problems.

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SeekWiser has recently launched its state-of-the-art IVR system which incorporates machine learning that connects its users with the best business consultants as per their requirements. The AI-based IVR feature provides a smooth user experience that enables them to choose from a list of services and talk to the right consultants that have more than ten years of experience.

Features Of SeekWiser’s IVR System

The latest technological revolution that helps businesses in accessing a network of experienced professionals is powered by automation and natural language processing. This makes it easier for the users to switch from one consultant to another and get all the solutions of their business queries without the hassle of booking separate consultations with different consultants or calling various consultants. 

With a standardised pricing system, users only pay for the consultation they seek, with no hidden charges or additional costs of talking to SeekWiser’s consultants. Not only this, SeekWiser offers a full 1-hour consultation free of cost to its first-time users that enables them to test and try the avant-garde IVR technology and the quality of services before spending a single penny.

Services Offered By SeekWiser

SeekWiser envisions to be the one-stop platform for businesses to find the most experienced and skilled professionals for their business requirements. At present, SeekWiser connects users with globally renowned and experienced CAs, CS, and legal professionals who can help businesses find the best approach for their problems relating to the following: 

Business Structuring

Companies can talk to our consultants to know about the best business structure as per their business needs and scale; business registration processes including company registration and LLP registration; Trademark registration in India; licensing and permits needed to start a new business, etc.

Income Tax Compliance

The professionals on-board with SeekWiser can help businesses in understanding their tax compliance requirements including ITR filing in India; TDS payment and TDS return filing; Professional Tax registration and filing, etc.

Annual Compliance Filing

Businesses can find the best solutions for the annual ROC compliance filing as well as the different statutory/regulatory compliance requirements of a business. This also includes understanding the internal management processes for change in the structure of the company, change in directors, change in name or registered address of the business, issue of shares, board meetings, and much more.

GST Advisory

GST regime has proven to be complicated, and businesses can consult SeekWiser’s consultants for their GST registration, GST returns filing in India, GST annual return, GST Audit, GST refund, Composition Scheme, claiming ITC, etc.

Business Valuations

SeekWiser’s business consultants can help businesses with their valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial projections, understanding the fundraising channels, and laying down the commercial strategy.

IFRS Conversion

Businesses which are mandatorily required to convert to IFRS and adopt the International Accounting standards can consult our IFRS Consultants to know about the best strategy to convert from Indian standards and implement IFRS into their business efficiently.

Financial Audit

Businesses can consult our accounting experts to understand their financial audit processes, problems faced in performing the company audit or preparing the financial reports. The consultants can also provide the best solutions when businesses face any discrepancies in their finances or require an external audit to be performed to mark any red flags.]

How To Consult SeekWiser’s Consultants

Follow the following process to have an hassle-free experience in talking to our consultants:

  1. Sign up with SeekWiser in just a few seconds to claim your free one-hour consultation.

  2. Give us a call at 8010880066.

  3. Choose from the available options/categories of consultants.

  4. Talk to your selected consultant and get top-notch business consultation services.

  5. Talk to our support team for any further queries.

SeekWiser aims to streamline the business consulting marketplace in India and make it easier for businesses to choose the best expert professionals for their business problems. Sign up with SeekWiser today and make your consultation experience wiser and hassle-free!