How UX Consultants Help Startups | Functions Of UX Consultants

October 15, 2019

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Top UX Consultants in India shed light on how a good UX expert can help a startup in the long run.


Jayesh Soni

Consultant, Gurgaon

How UX Consultants Help Startups | Functions Of UX Consultants


Understanding human behaviour and how users interact with the business and its different components is critical for a startup - especially when the most preferred way of communication has taken up a digital form. Focussing on user experience and how the startup can improve the way users interact with its business can spell out its success in a short amount of time. In this article, SeekWiser’s top UX Consultants shed light on how a good UX expert can help a startup in the long run.

What Is UX Consulting?

Unknown to many, UX consulting is a relatively new domain of business services wherein the main focus is on User Experience. The rising awareness about product designing and development has brought UX consulting into the limelight. User Experience Consultants or UX consultants focus on areas of a business’s software which is accessed and used by customers. 

UX consultants analyse the features with which users interact and provide the best solutions for designing and developing the layout, content and interactive elements in a way that maximises the user experience and make it a friendly interaction between users and the product. UX designing focuses on making the startup’s software be it its website, mobile application or any other tech product, as easy to use as possible.

Why Startups Need UX Consultants

UX designing requires a precise understanding of the different components of the software and how to place those components in an effective, logical and user-friendly manner. New startups tend to focus on releasing their product as quickly as possible, ignoring the user experience in the process. This ultimately results in the startup losing users due to a complicated, challenging and unfriendly interaction between the user and the software.

Talking to a UX consultant in India makes it possible for startups to understand how they can promptly launch their product without compromising on the user experience. Apart from this, there are numerous ways in which a UX consultant can help startups:

Understanding The Customers

For a company to provide better user experience, it needs to understand its target audience and market to which it is catering. Startups may not have the financial capability to hire a full-fledged design team to research and work on what the customers want. A UX consultant can suggest the best ways to perform surveys, interview users and analyse the gathered data to know the available similar products in the market and how the startup can offer a better product more approachable for users.

Auditing Website

A UX consultant can perform an in-depth audit of the website to highlight the red flags in the design. The consultant can suggest the areas which need improvement and the methods which can be used to increase user satisfaction and convert visitors into clients.

A website audit is especially necessary for a startup that is planning to scale its operations and expand so that the UX consultant can help the business in understanding its product’s weaknesses before branching out and adding more features.

Suggesting The Best Solutions

A UX consultant can suggest the best possible methods to address and resolve the issues that come up during the website audit. This includes finding the best ways to test and implement different solutions with prototypes and models before finalising the right solution.

Additionally, when the startup has exhausted all means to resolve its design issues on its own, the UX consultant can be approached to understand new methodologies and techniques that can work based on the demand and supply in the market.

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Planning And Strategising

Improving and perfecting the user experience is not a one-day job, rather it is a constant process that requires timely analysis and strategy. The UX consultant can suggest the organisational strategy as well as the digital strategy for the startup in the long run.

The UX expert can also help the business in evaluating its existing strategy and how it can create an effective roadmap to reach its goals with a user-friendly interface. 

Presenting its product to the world can be daunting for a startup and requires an extensive understanding of users’ habits and creating an uncomplicated flow of action. A UX consultant in India can help a startup to achieve this. SeekWiser’s network of consultants includes some of the best UX consultants in India and around the world, who are just a call away! Give us a call at +91-7827886239 or send us an email at [email protected] to improve your UX design wisely.