How To Create The Best Investor Presentation | Startup Pitch Deck

August 20, 2019

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A pitch deck is like the startup in a nutshell- it is important to know how to create the best investor presentation to attract startup investments.



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How To Create The Best Investor Presentation | Startup Pitch Deck

Attracting investors and raising funds for a startup is a lengthy and complicated process. First-time entrepreneurs, in several cases, are unable to pass the test of preparing and presenting a good pitch deck to investors and give a compelling first impression. This results in entrepreneurs missing their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when most of the startup founders are unable even to set up a meeting with potential investors. 

What Is A Pitch Deck or Investor Presentation?

A pitch deck is a detailed presentation, usually of around 15-20 slides that founders of a startup use to present their company to potential Venture Capitalist or Angel Investors. A pitch deck is like the startup in a nutshell- details like the company’s technology, product or service, the startup team structure, and the market they’re targeting, are included.

Pitch deck or investor presentation is the building block that can make or break a startup’s chance to raise funding. Thus, this makes it crucial for a startup to know what goes into preparing the best investor presentation that is free of errors or omissions and that lays down the entire startup story to investors. Here are a few tips on nailing your startup pitch deck:

Know Your Audience

The first thing you need to do is to do your homework and know the people whom you’ll be presenting your startup to. Know whether your investor hails from a business background, is a financial expert, or a technology-enthusiast. Knowing more about your audience will help you prepare a pitch deck and highlight your startup’s strengths in those particular domains of investors’ interest. Investors would appreciate even the slightest efforts you put in highlighting the strengths of your business model for the areas they hold expertise in.

Prepare A Detailed Yet Brief Investor Presentation

Your pitch deck must include all the necessary information you wish to present to investors, but it must not be a never-ending redundant story. You need to give the investors as much information as possible in the shortest time and leave some time for a QnA session with them. Preparing a well-curated pitch deck is an art, and you can seek advice from a business consultant in India to know what to include and what to exclude from a pitch deck.

Create A Blueprint And Prototype

Having a prototype of your product can impress investors as having a blueprint and even a semi-functional prototype can give them a glimpse of what lies ahead. Presenting a prototype along with your pitch deck will give an impression to the investors that you have a pre-defined plan and you’ll choose the right path for the business. A blueprint of the technology stack you’ll use will let the investors know how you’ll present the end product to customers.

Become A Storyteller

You don’t have to present a robotic startup pitch deck to investors; you can be a storyteller and paint a picture for them of what you envision. Keep your investor presentation engaging and get the investors on-board with a startup story with success as its next chapter. A dry and bookish presentation can cause the connection and message getting lost in translation. There needs to be a constant flow of relevant information in your presentation that keeps the investors hooked to your business idea.

Consult An Expert

When you’re lost or stuck at any stage of preparing an investor presentation, get help. Don’t shy away from reaching startup consultants in India, as getting the right advice from an experienced professional can work wonders in your favour. A startup mentor can advise you on how to prepare a precise yet detailed pitch deck for your investor presentation. You can get the right approach to follow regarding what information is necessary and what information is best kept out of a pitch deck.

Charging into an investor presentation without a plan or some form of preparation can only have one outcome- the investors apprehending that your startup is not ready for funding, or is not worth their investment. 

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