Why are websites essential for start-ups?

April 27, 2020

5 min read

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Rijul Agarwal

Consultant, Gurgaon

Websites will help you boost your emerging business

Building a business? Welcome to the competitive and fluctuating sides of the world. To prosper in this side, you need to grow up and grow fast and adapt to its ways. And to gain the spotlight, the best way is through the digital world. In today’s scenario, the one who dominates the digital world dominates the real world as well. 

Billions of people all over the world are using internet applications each month and growing. Imagine, billion. According to recent research, over 80% of people conduct online research before engaging in any kind of major purchase. Here are some of the benefits of having a robust website that can flourish your business:

Connects with customers

Your company website has a great responsibility of engaging more and more customers and eventually getting you more sales. According to Gartner’s research, by 2020 85% of the company’s relationships with the customer will be managed without talking to the customer service or representative. 

A website represents what kind of customer experience your company is going to provide. It helps you generate new warm leads without you even knowing them. It expands your business area all over the world. A potential customer sitting miles away from you can connect with you through your website. Imagine your customer base widening to that extent. 

Brand reputation enhancement

Let’s talk statistics, about $1.1 trillion sales every year is influenced in some way by the company website. Your company’s website serves as an all-inclusive guide to prospective customers. It reflects who you are, what values your company stands for and what you are offering them. You can think of it as your company’s sales representative in the digital world. Things you say and present on your website represents your brand’s tone and style. So, keep it as updated and more customer friendly as you can.

Increase your platforms

Through your website, by just one click you can expose your content to all your prospective clients and since most of your clients are probably using mobile phones and tablets. Hence, the website here has increased the number of platforms where you can present your business ideas to your clients. All of your business pitches can not be made over a call or through the mail, your brand needs to have it multiple ways. The website provides you with that.

Saving money and your business

A good website will give you online statements, recruiting and centralised file and document libraries which I guess is more than anyone has to offer these days. It will promote your brand’s products and services without indulging in the drama of placing printing ads, brochures and catalogues. Also, for your business, the website keeps it alive. Do you know what happens to the businesses that do not leave any mark on the digital world? You do not. And frankly, no one does. Because slowly they are lost. 

Stabilizes reliability

For a business to succeed, you need to win the belief and trust of your customers. Even though a website is a strong necessity for all the businesses but for start-ups, it could really help them establish a loyal customer base. It proves your credibility to them and isn’t that exactly what's keeping a start-up away from being a well-established business. It establishes better relationships with your customers. 


The main objective of any start-up is to convince more and more customers to engage with their services.  But you cannot be 24x7 available for attending the customers, there! Right there your website comes into application. Your customer sitting far away from you in a different timeline cannot connect to you of your time. But through the website's online assistance he can connect to you and your company anytime he wants. Hence, having a working website increases your accessibility to your clients.

Summing up

A website is the voice of a company, most probably the first one your prospective customers will listen to. If you’re pitching to any customer, he will surely go online and lookup for your website. It is an extremely important part of our business. It is also the source of all of your internet influenced customers. But, always remember even building a website isn’t a cakewalk. Here’s an important thing about the voice of your company, it is not about how you say it, it’s how you say it.