When to consult a Psychiatrist?

April 27, 2020

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Fighting the taboo for mental problems. Why should I consult a psychiatrist? Getting the required help and the right time. What could trigger mental problems? Taking a step towards mental peace.


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Right time to consult a psychiatrist


Combating the taboo behind Mental Sickness!

India is a country where talking or discussing mental disorders and sickness is still a taboo. No one opens about it if he/she is suffering from panic attacks because of the question, “What do people say?”

It’s high time to understand that every person who is mentally sick is not destined to live in mental hospitals. We have cardiologists to treat heart diseases or neurosurgeons to treat disorders of the central or peripheral nervous system. Likewise, we have psychiatrists to deal with mental disorders. Read further to know more about reasons to consult a psychiatrist.

First things first, who is a Psychiatrist?

One most common misconception is psychiatrists are telepathic. They can read your minds or predict your future. No, it’s nothing like that.

Cambridge dictionary defines a psychiatrist as: 

              A doctor with special training in treating mental illness.

How to know if it is the right time to get some help?

Remember when you visited a doctor the very first time? What prompted you to go and get your check-up done by a doctor? Of course, not feeling well or some undesirable symptoms is the answer.

We have prepared a curated list of reasons to consult a psychiatrist. Let’s have a look over it.

The Dear Departed

This is the title of a very famous chapter of our English literature course. Practically, the death of a family member or a close relative disturbs the emotional balance of a person. This impact is sometimes very resonating. A psychiatrist can help you to cope with the death of your closed ones.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is an abstract concept but the damage it causes to someone’s personality is more real and astounding. Stress can lead to social isolation and frustration. A psychiatrist can go to the roots of your problem and suggest specific measures for the same.

Depression and Mania

Do you know how many people suffer in the hands of depression every day? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 264 million people around the globe suffer from depression. Psychiatrists can’t eliminate depression but they can help you to dial it down. After all, it’s your battle to fight!

Family and Relationship Issues

When a thread of relationship breaks, a knot is created to tie it up again. Still, it is rather difficult to come out of family situations sometimes. A psychiatrist can help you to sort all of these problems in the most suitable way possible.


Afraid of something? Probably yes. Everyone is afraid of something. The problem arises when that fear becomes the source of emotional instability. For example, sitophobia is the fear of eating which can lead to serious health problems. A psychiatrist can help you to resist such fears but you need to first open up about it.

Health Issues

Unhealthy food habits such as intake of junk food in higher amounts can even lead to mental issues. Smoking, drinking, and drug use are common addictions seen in people of varying ages. It’s a personal choice, we understand. But if it is not good for your overall well-being then the need of consulting a psychiatrist grows. 

Performance Enhancement

Success is a ladder and every step of that ladder is known as a failure. A phoenix first must burn to rise from its ashes. Likewise, a person has to fail to achieve success. Even success is infectious. A psychiatrist can prepare you for the worst of times, whether you are an athlete aiming for a gold medal in the Olympics or an employee going for a job interview. 

Spiritual Issues

Spirituality involves a set of religious beliefs and practices a person chooses to follow. Towards the end of life, a person usually starts to understand spiritual needs. At this specific age, we need to make older ones feel that we are there for them. Psychiatrists can help you to take care of the older members of your family.

Mental Disorders and Trauma

We are now witnessing a larger section of health experts to pursue their careers in mental health. As the cases of mental disorders increase, people are looking forward to treatments prescribed by such professionals. Some of the kinds of mental disorders are bipolar disorder, post-traumatic disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

Finding the right help

After reading this article, we assume there is no room left for doubts. You never know what form a small symptom can take. Take the first step towards eliminating this dark spot from our society. Open up about your problems. Consult a psychiatrist if you need one today. Live your life to the fullest is the perfect mantra and you already know the recipe for it.