Ways to boost productivity while working from home during this pandemic

April 27, 2020

5 min read

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Boost productivity while working at home

Productivity in the time of COVID-19

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the world economy drastically. As a result, several business firms suffered an immediate shutdown. Though some of them resorted to Work from Home strategy but let’s face it, it’s pretty much difficult to operate an entire organization remotely. There are various challenges associated with this type of functioning. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. A curated list of tips and tricks has been prepared to help you boost your productivity while working from home.

Tips to stay productive during this time

It takes at least 21 days to get a habit. Rightly said. Following are some of the simple and easy to implement tips everyone can try to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization:

Workspace Logistics

Preparing a conducive workspace is the first and foremost need to handle work tasks from home. An accessorized workspace is necessary to maintain a decent code of conduct while working from home. Create a separate space consisting of your basic needs like a laptop, a comfortable headset for calls, etc. Make sure that it is well ventilated and clean. Also, your workspace should be a place where you can focus all your energy to work. So, steer clear of the distractions away from that area.


Discipline is the key to success. We have been listening to this saying ever since we came on this earth. Right? Turns out it is true. To make a difference, strictly cultivate your working hours, dress properly every day, keep track of the time, maintain a to-do list, and most importantly, invest something good in yourself. You should as well keep a track of all the productive work you’ve done in the whole day. 

Planning Schedule

Maintaining an enumerated schedule of what you must do today is an important factor to boost your productivity. While vague plans decrease the productivity and interest of a person, a perfectly organised and planned schedule increases focus and efficiency.  Ever heard of mnemonic trees? Probably not. A mnemonic tree is a tool to organize your ideas and set up tasks in a visually appealing way. It helps to generate keynotes and plan your schedule.

Stay Informed

Generally, people don’t care about what’s happening outside their sphere. In the times of a pandemic, it is crucial to stay updated with what measures have been taken by the government considering business aspects. Although, remember to keep yourself away from the fake news floating around and connect only to the authentic ones for your updates.


Coordinating with your colleagues and having a stand-up meeting every day can help you to customize work layouts. Keep talking to your co-workers and plan some virtual coffee breaks to cope up with self-isolation. One more front-page necessity is to over-communicate to ensure no work delays. 

Tackling Distractions

Stay away from social media and comfort while working. Never work while relaxing on a bed as it is too comfy! It might give you some backaches. If you are addicted to listening to music while working, it is okay. No big deal. But try to avoid visual distractions like television or YouTube.

Work-Management Applications

A plethora of options is currently available in the IT market to meet your business standards for free. There are several software tools available to facilitate work from home:

  • Google Hangouts Meet and Cisco Webex for business meetings.
  • Slack for team communication.
  • Jira for handling sprints and updating work status.
  • Kredily for managing finance.

Healthy Habits

A sound mind resides in a healthy body. Even now it is more imperative to include vital vitamins in your diet as coronavirus spreads its roots everywhere. Intake of citrus fruits in an adequate amount has been suggested by health experts during this time. Avoid working while eating. Schedule frequent short breaks to stay motivated.

Key Takeaways

Work from Home is seen as a downside of business by some analysts. But the reality is that it is the next engine at the core of the operating model of a company. It’s the future of the business sector. We also believe acknowledgement brings out the best productivity, so make sure you acknowledge yourself and your coworkers.  Finally, it all narrows down to your choices and decisions. There should be an unending will to learn and unlearn. Take the most out of this write-up, organize yourself accordingly, and stay focussed.