How to keep up with your academics during this Lockdown?

April 27, 2020

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How to manage studies during quarantine, ways to keep up with academics, recent government announcements, self-study and online lectures, the latest technology to help with studies, how to schedule the day in quarantine.


Seekwiser Team

Consultant, Gurgaon

Ways to keep up with academics during lockdown


Students! We understand your dilemma. With the educational institutions being shut and an extended lockdown announced we all have no idea how all this is going to take. And with recent government announcements that the exams must be continued as soon as the lockdown ends, you all need to stay prepared. Preparing for your exams in these excruciating times can be a hard thing to do since it becomes so hard not to worry about the world-wide situation. So, let us help you uncomplicate the art of focusing on your studies and exams. Here are some ways you can do that.  


Starting with the ultimate key to acing your exams. We believe that the knowledge acquired through the measures of self-study is always greater than any other. So get up and get started, for starters maybe manage that study space you’ve left alone. Or, if you don’t have one, create a study space that can save you from all your distractions. Peaceful and comfortable study space can bring your focus back to studies and increase your productivity.

Rekindle your way back to reading:

Studies show that reading improves your concentration and helps you focus. Now, we know that you must be asking yourself where am I supposed to get them from? Well, there are a lot of applications online that can help you with that just like kindle. You can download as many books as you want. 

Apart from reading your academic books, you can switch to novels and poetry for relaxing your mind a bit. This is the best time when you can switch the reader inside you on again. Read a new book today! Why stop there, re-read your favourite book or the poetry you’ve been longing for. You won’t get this time again.

Keep yourself updated:

Ignoring the news won’t help you. We understand, times are tough and it’s scary out there. But nothing can hurt you if you stay in and updated. Avoiding the problems won’t solve it. Keep yourself updated about all the news that is associated with your studies and your surrounding. 

Also not just with the news, you need to stay updated regarding all the help you can gather from the new technological developments that can help you with your studies. There are many sites and apps which are providing free learning courses, for example, an app named Duolingo teaches different languages for free. Now think about all the stars a new language can bring to your resume or college application or even to your personality. The technology is growing, take advantage of it! 

Schedule your day:

Ever since childhood, we’ve been taught the importance of discipline and time management. It’s time to put it to application. Create a study plan that settles your study demands. Plan your whole day accordingly and try sticking up with it. For help, you can also set reminders on your phone or can maybe use your wall to hang your planner on it. 

Mock tests and online quizzes:

Now that you have planned your schedule and have started your self-study, time for the test!

We don’t think we need to explain the importance of examination, all of us know it. And since already your exams are approaching just after the lockdown opens. You need to pre analyse your study status and check if you are going in the right direction or not. Best way to do it amidst this lockdown is online quizzes and mock tests. They help you get more knowledge about the kind of question you can be expecting in your exams. 

Take care of yourself:

Lastly, we’d like to request you all to take care of yourself. Try adding a daily dose of 15-20 mins of exercise in your schedule. Only in the healthy state of mind and body can a person concentrate on his studies. Plus, the times are gloomy and we need to stay strong and tough. So just eat healthily, get good sleep and if you can, meditate. It will add an extra star to your concentration skills. 

Summing up:

The whole world is paying heavy tolls to this pandemic and nobody is sure about the impacts of it. It has become very important for us all to abide by the social distancing norms. Due to this lockdown situation, many people will surely turn to the online world. So always remember to be cautious about privacy concerns and maintain a healthy mental equilibrium. Utilize this time to bond and reconnect with your family for which we are perennially challenged for a time in today’s busy world. Stay safe. Stay home. And stay productive.